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Faith Imagined: Blogging Hell

Faith Imagined

Alisa Hope Wagner: Christian Writer

November 5, 2006

Blogging Hell

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing (1 Thess. 5.11 NIV).

I love the above scripture. In a world of people who strive to get to the top no matter the cost, this verse brings a refreshing perspective. God commands that we are to encourage others and build them up, without expecting something in return for ourselves.

This biblical command can become a little cloudy in the blogging world. If we are all honest, blogging can be self-serving. We want our thoughts to be heard. We want our words to be spread. We want our comment boxes to be filled. If we are not careful, our emotion, attitude and value can get trapped into, what I like to call, blogging-hell.

What is blogging-hell? It is a place devoid of God’s light because Christians are not obeying His commands and not humbling themselves to His will. God’s light shines through our brokenness into a blogging desert of human hopes and dreams. How can we evangelize (reach people for Christ) and disciple (grow people for Christ) when we are too worried about our words, our influence and our comments?

Our main goal should be to share God’s love and to support one another in our faith. No matter your blogging-purpose (sharing life, ministry, connecting people or providing a need), there is a way that you can serve and help others. Whatever passion that you have, use it in the service of His Kingdom and you will be blessed!

The beautiful truth hidden under layers of scrolling blog-rolls, personalized buttons and perfectly picked photos, is that we have a God-given desire to shine. There is nothing wrong with this desire – God put it there! God wants to raise up His devoted followers and shine His light through their brokenness for the world to see. That is why we have a longing to be seen, heard and understood! We were created to funnel God’s light!

However, if we are not willing to take the steps to humble ourselves to God, we are forced to pick up our own flashlights and shine it in every little nook and cranny available on the Internet. It’s exhausting! Don’t do it! Our little flashlights can’t touch what God’s light can do. Drop the flashlight and yield yourself to the flow of the Holy Spirit.

When you write a post, write it so that you may encourage others. When you read a post, read it so you may build each other up! Blogs are attached to individual lives that need to see God through you. And when God lifts you up and shines in your life, your yearning to be noticed will be fulfilled. All the nations will see God’s light through the beautiful filter that is you!

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Blogger Alene said...

wow! Thank you for this. I just noticed you wrote it in 2006, way before i knew you, but the words still ring true today. Thanks for the reminder and encouragement! blessings~~~

12:39 PM  
Blogger The Unknowngnome said...

Well said Alisa and I would like to encourage you now.

Two days ago I found and read all of your poetry that you have posted here on Faith Imagined.

I especially liked your haikus and the poem "A Miscarriage". The words and the emotions have made an impression that have stayed with me to the point that I send you this:

me like you haiku
sorry you miscarry
me so sad for you

I encourage you to write and post more of your poetry.

3:48 AM  

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