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Faith Imagined Title's Inspiration

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Faith Imagined: Faith Imagined Title's Inspiration

Faith Imagined

Alisa Hope Wagner: Christian Writer

July 22, 2006

Faith Imagined Title's Inspiration

Faith Imagined is what I live by. The things I value most in life, I cannot see. I value God, heaven and the human soul, and I have faith that they all exist.

I read the Bible, and I use my mind's eye to see, feel and touch the God-created images. The stories woven in God's Word are filled with the promises of God. I find these promises and claim victory with them. They help me to fulfill my highest calling -- to love God and to love others.

I hide out in caves with David and whisper psalms of praise to God.

I cry out with Jeremiah about chosen people who have forsaken their true love.

I run from the empty tomb with Mary Magdala and wonder what will happen next.

I proclaim the Gospel with Paul and feel the power of God rising from my weary bones.

The imagination is a gift from God. It enables us to take knowledge from our minds and pour it into our hearts. The imagination is our creative license from the Creator. He has designed our path, but He wants us to paint the colors along the way.


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